The sprout that would grow into Gaia Rising Farm began after a community discussion about food security in 2008. At that time we experimented  with growing those staple crops that meet one’s basic needs by using the available rainfall and limiting the use of fossil fuel. In 2011 and 2012 the farm offered shares of those crops to a small group of supporters. Since then our main focus has been on increasing plantings of fruit and nut trees and in 2016  we began raising a small flock of Gotland sheep.
  The farm follows the path of permaculture and is committed to holistic and organic methods. It utilizes off grid solar power and is committed to breaking free from fossil fuels and building carbon in the soils and biomass. Education and demonstration of simpler living skills are motivating goals.
  Sequoia Ferrel has a background in art and architectural design. She has been growing things for as long as she can remember. She has lived at the homestead which is Gaia Rising Farm since 1986, first with her husband Lane and two children and now on her own. She is seeking some help with the farm and to perhaps take the farm in some new directions.
   The farm is located on Guemes Island in Washington state, part of the San Juan archipelago. It is accessed by a five minute ride on a small ferry, leaving the town of Anacortes, that runs frequently during the day.

About the Farm

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