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Farm Partner Wanted

Volunteer Opportunities

For many years we enjoyed hosting volunteers through WWOOF- World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. We have many fond memories of our times spent together. If you would like to volunteer, pleas check out our listing at or contact us directly.

   Gaia Rising Farm provides a terrific opportunity for an aspiring young

farmer or farm couple who want to be part of changing our food

system to a more sustainable model. The Farm is offering a lease or

partnership situation to an enthusiastic person or family, to develop a

farm that will be successful and profitable.

   Gaia Rising Farm began in 2008, growing beans, corn, squash and

other staple crops using organic practices and the available rainfall.

The farm was helped by the many interns that we hosted along the

way. Farm shares were sold for two years, 2011 and 2012. Sequoia

has homesteaded the property for 35 years, most of that with her

husband Lane. The homestead is off grid solar powered. She has

established numerous fruit and nut trees and is expanding perennial

crops so that the farm will be able to help provide the food needs of

our community. There is a small flock of Gotland sheep that is being

raised for breeding stock and for fleece, meat and pelts.

   In addition to the many years of growing experience, Sequoia also

has extensive infrastructure and equipment and will be happy to

provide you with a list and more information. The farm has a small but

very devoted customer base.

   This is a great opportunity to work into creating a farm of your own

and to help make some positive changes to our troubled world.

All applicants must have an understanding of and resonance with

our mission, to help build a community based food system and our

values of working toward a restoration agriculture. Applicants must

also be hard working, eager to learn, highly self-motivated,

personable, honest and straight-forward, with a sense of humor, and

willing to make a long term commitment. Please reply to

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