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    In the summer of 2016 Sequoia, with her friend Kathleen, purchased 4 Gotland sheep- two ewes and two ewe lambs and so began an ongoing journey...

About the Gotland Breed
   The Gotland sheep are descendants from flocks raised  by the vikings on the Swedish Gotland Island. Intensive breeding since the 1920's have produced the modern Gotland sheep especially prized for their soft, lustrous and curly pelts. Because of import restrictions into the United States only the  Gotland semen was allowed in. In 2003 a program began using artificial insemination (AI)  of imported Gotland semen to impregnate specified foundation breeds. Breeders have continued upbreeding  in order to raise the genetic percentage of the Gotland breed, as well as selecting for desired traits.  Thus you will usually see a percentage listed with each sheep in the US. All of the sheep in the flock at Gaia Rising Farm are above 90% and all the lambs to be born this spring will be 93% to 95% Gotland.   
   Gotland sheep are hardy, naturally short tailed and polled (without horns).  They have black, wool free, heads and legs and come in varying shades of gray. The ewes are easy at lambing and make good mothers. They are calm, curious, and friendly and their relatively small size makes them a great family project.  
   The sheep at Gaia Rising farm are lovingly raised and all have distinct personalities.They like attention and begging for scratches. The high luster fleece with long curly staple is prized by hand spinners and is one of the easiest wools to felt. We sell fleeces and hope to add yarns in the future. Meat and sheepskins will be seasonally available.


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